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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Turn the lights down low .....

Bring the curtains down .....

3 years of blogspotting,

Has been fruitful, whimsical and most important FUN.

See you folks in MULTIPLY now!

P.S. Byk2 orang yg sedih I nak quit blogspotting, surprisingly is my harsben. Maciamlah selama ni dia pengunjung setia blog I. Rupe2nye, baru-baru ini dia jadi my faithful reader. Dia kata, sayanglah dear, byk memories. Well dear, I bukan nak shutdown, I cuma nak stop using blogspot. My archives are still around.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

BORED. Thus this tag ...

I SO want to quit/shut-down blogspotting, and convert to Multiply (in fact I had). But lemme attempt this long-overdued tag first, and think about it again, later.

Anyway, thanks Frina and Jenab for tagging me.

Favourite Colour: No doubt, it's BLUE!
Favourite Food: Potato-ish food
Favourite Song: Too many, but currently I love Sami's Al-Muallim
Favourite Movie: My wedding video. LOL!
Favourite Sport: Walking
Favourite Day Of The Week: Days I don't need to report to office
Favourite Ice-cream flavour: Anything not minty
Favourite Car Model: I love spacewagons especially Mitsu Grandis. Can fit my parents, 2 sibs, harsben, Amir and myself.
Favourite Subject in school: Mathematics
Favourite Snacks: Potato chips

Current Mood: Lazy and BORED, but Hardworking enough to attend to this tag
Current Taste: Something sambal-ish
Current Clothes: Purplish tunic top with black pants and black tudung
Current Desktop: Amir Mukhtar
Current Toenail Colour: Natural colour
Current Time: 11.19 am
Current Surroundings: Cold nak mampos opis aku punye aircon
Current Annoyance(s): CT nak kaweng Datok Kay *giggles*
Current Thoughts: Kenapa CT nak kaweng Datok Kay?

First Bestfriend: Nor Diana, during Kindergarten
First Crush: Back in P5, with 'Superman'. Tqus, syyyyy
First Movie: JAWS with my father
First Piercing: Kindergarten
First Lie: I don't/can't lie, or else I will be like Pinochio. (Okay this is a Lie) *giggles*
First Music: Must be the thousand and one malay nursery rhymes that my mother so love to sing and hum to me, and now to Amir.
First Car: Wait till I've save enough, then I will tell you which car model I'm getting.
First Real Date Venue: With who? My harsben? Or ex-boiprens? *giggles* With harsben, it will be visiting Madame Tussaud waxworks together, followed by Sundae @ McDees, and then Na'an time at Scotts Food Court. Khalas. *tunjok icon muka ikan sardin*

Last Drink: Plain water from my 1.5 litres yellow, sports-tumbler
Last Car ride: From my harsben's van rather. He's my dedicated, lovely chauffeur every daily mornings.
Last "Movie Crush": Jenab! I pun nak itu SAID (pronounce Sa-yid) from Paradise Now. Ikut2 ajer tau ...
Last Phone Call: Julie from Cellarmaster whose User ID got disabled
Last Song Played : Sami's Cave Of Hira'
Last Food Ate : Quaker's Chewy Bar Baked Apple flavor
Last thing I do before I go to sleep: Watched Grey's Anatomy, halfway dozed, and the next moment I realised Entertainment Tonight running on the google box. I'd forgotten to switch off the google box!

Have you ever dated one of your best friends: Tak main lah ni
Have you ever broken the law: I'm very law-abiding one
Have you ever been arrested: Never
Have you ever skinned dipped: YES! In some bathtubs in hotels. LOL!!!
Have you ever been on TV: Yes, in Chinese news, featuring my class in P1. I was reading aloud the gigantic-book to my fellow classmates.
Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know : YES! Some strangers' babies count in right?

Tudung, tunic top, pants, wrist-watch and my 13-bucks moccassin-slipin from Mustafa which salvage me when my flip-flop die on me while grocery-shopping there.

- Dropped Amir @ my parents
- Zoomed to office
- Say HI to Jenab & Esah in MSN
- Replied tags in my Multiply

- Sami Yusuf soothing voice
- Clicking mouse
- Keyboard punches

- My faith in the religion I embraced
- My soul. Ye larrr roh aku kuar, terus aku tinggal jasad kan?

Like doing this tag?

I'm kind. I shan't tag no one.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We Missed This - So Near Yet So Far (click-on)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

We are back! And we are THREE!

Some 3 years ago, the one above, was one of the 12 dulang hantaran, the bride presented to her groom. The one above, became the tug-of-war-object, among the groom representatives, because it's the lightest dulang, but the MOST in-thing-gadgetry item *at that time*, the early-bird Nokia video-hp.

Some 3 years later, the *belapok* groom still proudly carries the one above, which the *belapok, but not quite* bride finds a bit too suaku to carry the one above now. So let's see, next year, around this time, the *belapok* groom will still carry the *belapok* Nokia video-hp or not.

Anyway, we had a ball of time in East Malaysia, and celebrating our 3rd year anniversary in different manner. I heart hubby-then-belapok-groom for The Gift. And I heart Amir Mukhtar many, many for putting on his best-behavior throughout the entire trip.

So next bulanmadu trip? Where shall it be? *ponder, ponder, ponder*

The place where the Vietkongs were, perhaps?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Honeymoons .....